Jun 6, 2011

kristen stewart mtv movie awards

so yes she is my fav i love how she is alwasy herself she doesnt bullshit shes ackward adn real and down to earth so her are the last 3 mtv movie awards i love her style. she doesnt let the fame and celebrity get to her she will do the moives she wants to do ilove how she does mostly indies she doesnt just do high budget ones to make money she does movies taht she beleives in that she thinks have a good message

mtv movie awards 2011(her reaction to robs crazy comments was something else)

2010(yes i had to include the faces she makes love them)

2009(the year she dropped her award hilerious)


  1. The dresses got better as the years went up :) Also, I think she lost some weight from 2009 to 2011 as well...

  2. Her hair is quite lovely! Have you seen her in the movie Speak?